Published on December 13, 2018
I've been wanting to do this to someone for years!! DREAMS DO COME TRUE IF YOU EAT ENOUGH EDIBLES!! hahaha

Speaking of edibles: Afternoon Delite has been our house favorite for a few months now: and if you live in Michigan, here's where you can get them:

Green Genie (in Detroit)
The Reef (in De
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Category : Comedy


thecurlytoker 7 months ago
lolol I love the Netflix "Still watching?" in the background ??
babydeartina 7 months ago
LMAO, my guess was that she'd kill you.
medi-kate420 7 months ago
Super pumped you’re coming to Michigan in 2019! Please make it after February so I can actually smoke again since my due date is February 18th and I want to be at the meet up for sure!
raynebeauvaper 7 months ago
That was awesome!
thgreedy 7 months ago
Cute! I need to do this to someone! Also now I can actually make it to one of those meetups because I finished college yesterday! I cant wait to meet you and mac!

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