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Published on February 18, 2019
Hey guys! Welcome to a new episode of Watch and Sesh! This weeks episode is all about Polyamory!! So put on your love hat and smoke some weed. Enjoy!

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fogcurl 1 month ago
Hey Arend :D Oh first, Frankengurgle to ya sweets! :) You make my day often! I smile all the way through your informational, intelligent, but, playful, joyful, understandable. I admire you Arend, you are the voice I could not give, so you do it for us ALL! Namaste Heidi aka FogCurl...as they lick and kiss about HER! (lezzbo Dyke and PROUD! thank you cheers!
stoneygeek 3 months ago
I'm in a triad (MMF, living together almost a year, with a kid) and I think you covered it very fairly. It's hard to be broad with so many representations of poly, and still narrow down what YOU do without making it seem as if you think that's the only thing TO do..
babydeartina 3 months ago
Franken gurgle. Thank you for making this video!!! I appreciate the insider's view of things. I love you!!!
alwaysallisonnn 3 months ago
Frankengurgle. ? I will be in Denver for the first time March 30th for a concert, what do I need to see while I’m there? ?
bluntlynicole 2 months ago
ugh i love you, frankengurgle hahah. this was so interesting and beautiful and really applies to everyone. i love love and you!

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