PLAIN WATER ONLY Grow  - Ep 2 - Attack Of The Soil Infection

PLAIN WATER ONLY Grow - Ep 2 - Attack Of The Soil Infection



Published on February 15, 2020

Our grow journal with plain, pH-corrected water is now very different, with 2 additional strains + a soil-originated infection wiped out my original seedlings!

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APotHeCary 4 months ago
I think the only way to do a full on no nutrient grow, is to feed nutrients in veg get a nice fat canopy with alot of leaves. the key is ur leaves. thn when flower hits itll only use its leaves. I've done this method once and the product wasnt that bad. was very sticky
ZoltrixGrower 4 months ago
nice one man, looks good. too bad about the soil, I used the same and found a couple scales during veg. Was also going to use the promix mychorrhizae mix next time.
BadGranny 4 months ago
aloha Lex, just a little tip, try not to ever use a dirt with wood chunks in it, it may lead to excessive fungus, as you experienced. also you want yo make sure your soil to air ratio is adequate for your environment. And the big ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM??? why oh why are you starving your babies? Nutrients is CRUCIAL, we are what we eat and if you don't give them anything, they won't be anything. Wishing you the best of luck with your garden.
BadGranny 4 months ago
I use my own soil mix a "Super soil" theory, Poop, marine byproduct, coffee byproduct, and sugars... and only use water throughout their life cycle. everything key Ladies need in their life when that specific plant needs it, just water and love!!! KISS... keeping it simple stoner, method yeilds for my outdoor garden only vary with season, I live in Hawaii, but at 4000 ft. elevation. A small indaca stain in winter, 300-400g large Sativa 700-1000g. Summer average min. 800g my largest harvest on single Ladies 11.12 LBS. super soil, my cost to grow each plant stays under 20 dollars including electricity.
HeartStrongGarden 4 months ago
nice rescue ♡♡
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