Philter Labs Unboxing & Review|Bakedbeauty420

Philter Labs Unboxing & Review|Bakedbeauty420



Published on October 14, 2019

HELLO MY BEAUTIFUL BUDS! Sorry for all the CAPS but I'm so excited about today's video! I want to start by saying a special thanks to theweedtube team for getting ahold of me and offering me this oppritunity with them & Philters! Thank you to Philters for sending me this dope ass box to

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ArendRichard 3 months ago
Stan the disclaimer.
kushin’kels 3 months ago
Loved this video! Your shirt and makeup are on point and I think you're just great!
midgetana420 2 months ago
Definitely needed this review. I've seen a few influencers use this but never go into detail on how it works nor did I ever know it's ok to have some smoke show in which you clearly explained. Hopefully legit carts will be back around my area so I can get one of these I honestly hate how many fakes are going around even biggest name brands. Great job tho and makeup is on point
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