Pennsylvania MMJ Strain Review with Kween ~ Kalasha from Grassroots

Pennsylvania MMJ Strain Review with Kween ~ Kalasha from Grassroots



Published on September 25, 2019
Hiiiiigghhhh! Welcome back and thanks for watching. Today I bring you some close up footage of a hybrid flower from Grassroots known as Kalasha.
Specs are shared and so is my review on the strain.

Let me know what you think of Kalasha.
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kushin’kels 3 months ago
This was a great review! You have some awesome shots in there, it looks soooo good!
itsmebdon 3 months ago
Such quality, wholesome content. Keep it up! Would appreciate a sub back, also check out my videos! :) Let’s help support each other! Have a wonderful day!
FecoLeo 3 months ago
Wow, where did you find flower? I'm near Philadelphia, and the only flower in the dispensaries is high CBD bud. Beautiful photography again! I like to ingest RSO, because for me the pain relief lasts so much longer. I really like GrassRoots Full Spectrum RSO. It's a lighter amber color and 86% THC (already activated), whereas the last RSO I bought was Cresco Gorilla Glue 4 which was black as tar and 73% THC. The Cresco RSO makes me sick, mostly nausea and excessive hunger, which is probably due to either a terpene or other plant matter in the RSO. The GrassRoots on the other hand, even though I have no idea what strain(s) may be in it, just provides pure relief. It was really great to see some GrassRoots bud and new product packaging; I hope we get some flower deliveries in our area soon.
steppinelf 3 months ago
Great info, thanks for sharing!!! It was a beautiful flower.
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