Parts Per Million (PPM) For Cannabis Plants!

Parts Per Million (PPM) For Cannabis Plants!



Published on September 17, 2019

My plants are on day 14 and they are coming along pretty good. A few small issues but nothing they can't bounce back from. In this episode I talk about the issues and also talk about Parts Per Million (PPM) for cannabis plants.


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SKEastCoast 5 months ago
Same here for the 250ppm. Always use less than the recommended on the bottle for any company. The dosage is geared towards making you use the product faster so you will have to buy more. I always cut the dose in half for whatever the instructions say. Then I slowly raise the ppm's. I rely more on how the plants react then worrying about numbers. I remember how much I used the time before and make adjustments. After a while you kinda get the feel for it. It's like you are building a relationship with your plants.
Hardwire 5 months ago
great video as always. I use Gaia green dry amendments. no need for that ppm pen.
kootmed 5 months ago
I just feed my 3 week old seedlings an organic veg tea @ 6.8pH 330ppm/0.66EC. We'll see how they do ;)
yeahimstoned 5 months ago
Nice video
Kauldronborn 5 months ago
Nice video series, my state is letting patients grow five starting 2020. I'm keeping an eye on these videos for sure.
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