Part 2 (W/ Ty Turner)


Published on May 27, 2019

Hey everyone! Welcome back to Part 2 of Watch and Sesh. In this episode, Ty Turner and I talk about Ty’s bad edible experience, what being psychic is like and more about the struggles of running a business. We also talk about synchronization, karma and reincarnation! It’s a great second

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silverwolf1816 2 weeks ago
I'm kind of new to the weedtube but I've watched Ty Turner on YouTube for a while and when I saw the notification for this watch and sesh I got goose bumps.
kibachagolee 2 weeks ago
Dude ur awesome and can’t wait to see a Mac and koala smoke and sesh
okietokie 2 weeks ago
Yet another good one, you never disappoint. always amazing Arend, Thank You
bluntlynicole 2 weeks ago
Monday's are so lit. looovveeeee this
crystalscatscannabis 2 hours ago
Omg I must be so high right now because the first thing I thought of when you talked about that numbers thing and how the universe shows you what it needs to and you just need to recognize the patterns was that "THIS IS HOW MAGIC MUST WORK".

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