PA Medical Marijuana Review - Prime Wellness Double Afghan Chunk - HD


Published on January 08, 2019
The text review will be included soon, sorry early birds! Trying to figure out the weird audio issues too and learning how to work this camera, I'll have it fixed by the next video! Thanks everyone for your support and stay medicated!
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banddkid 5 months ago
Nice review! I'm originally from Shippensburg,PA , subbing to your channel. Please consider checking out my channel as well, any feedback helps ?
oregonexperts 5 months ago
Ooooo looks DANK! We had a "Blue Pineapple Chunk" bud that looked similar... Chunk genetics on point, always tasting amazing too we imagine <3
DirtyDoc420 3 weeks ago
wish i could smoke with u, seem pretty chill

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