OOH WEE! Update time! Veg & Flower 17/01/2020

OOH WEE! Update time! Veg & Flower 17/01/2020



Published on January 17, 2020

Greetings to you all :-)

I hope everyone has been keeping well!

Welcome to my latest update as of 17/01/2020. Bit of a shout out to my new subs and growmies at the end so please stay tuned (or just skip to the end lol). I'm sorry I didn't mention you as a new sub,tnb-naturals-inc. I hadn&#

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THC-Hunter 8 months ago
Great update mate. I say shoot a video whenever you feel like it. I'll watch
SKEastCoast 8 months ago
Great video. Great shout out. I think if you get a small fan and aim it flat across the top of your plants it might help with the foxtailing issue. I was having that same problem just recently. I moved my fan and it seems to be working better now. I also have tower fans like you. Those are good for preventing powdery mildew and bugs. Bugs don't like wind. And, sometimes I get really high before I make a video and I forget to do shout outs. I'll do one next time. I just realized your flowering plants are the same age as mine. And, anything with Black Widow will be good. Congrats on the sponsor. Those guys are trying really hard to sell some seeds. I wish I would get sponsored by Canagrow lights. I need more lights. I got plenty of seeds.
Gerbs_Garden 8 months ago
Very well played! Layout is super nice. Thanks for the shout out!
NewTestament 8 months ago
Garden is definitely dialed in, keep up the hard work. Thanks for the shout-out
RosinSmoke 8 months ago
is that mr poopy butthole
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