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Published on May 15, 2019

Oreogn Experts share one of their fave Mango terps with you- Ocimene! Yeah fam, there are more terps to mangoes than just Myrcene!

ZBD relies on this "Flu Season Terp" - find out WHY... and why Q recommends smoking the terpene Ocimenebefore a shower!

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davidsdankiestdoobs 2 months ago
i just came to leave a dank stamp of approval okay see you next time
cannasseurq 2 months ago
Yaaaaas Ocimene is the shit <3 talk about practical, giving pinene a run for it's money!
alicesnippet 1 month ago
You make me laugh!
tokiedokie420 2 months ago
mommabearzbd 2 months ago

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