Nostalgic Dreams - Taiwan


Published on January 11, 2019
So far this is my favorite film that I have ever made. My mom was born in Taiwan, and it has grown on me increasingly as of lately since the time of her passing. I’m very grateful that my parents taught me mandarin as my first language, because later on I lived in Taiwan for 6 months taking care o
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Category : Vlog Life


moongirl1125 5 months ago
LOVE it..of course ;)
funkygreendogs 5 months ago
Awesome breathtaking video, you are one very talented dude!
cheeny-the-great 5 months ago
This is beautiful! Thank you for sharing this with us Tim!
ishmokeflowers_ 5 months ago
Dude this video is so fucking amazing , yes yes yes ? let's get more of this
wisp 5 months ago
great video Tim, it looks so beautiful in Taiwan, the nature is so untouched it makes me happy

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