New  Seedlings TWTGC RDWC  Medical Marijuana

New Seedlings TWTGC RDWC Medical Marijuana



Published on June 12, 2020

A daily look at my Indoor garden lets grow &. Learning how to grow marijuana.

Here are the links for Mars hydro








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SKEastCoast 4 weeks ago
Grow little girls, grow! I can totally spot a Wedding Cake plant now that I have some. I just started some Alien Dawg seeds today in a paper towel.
ZoltrixGrower 4 weeks ago
Looking really good Mr Foxx!The show could really be a good thing, looking forward to it. Have a great one!
ProudCanadianCannabis 4 weeks ago
Everything is looking great there Mr.Foxx! Your new Mars lights are making a noticeable difference on your ladies! Your RCDWC seems to be running very well for you too! Right on brother nice to see your upgrades all coming together now, you should be starting to see an increase in your yields from now on! I have been working on upgrading my lighting! I have the first of my lighting up and running in my tent now, the new Version 4 quantum boards I am switching to have the newest LM301H diodes from Samsung, Cree's new XPE2 660 nm red & 730nm IR diodes, the brand new UV diodes from LG the LGUVA's and run on the Meanwell 240w driver! It comes with built in dimmer switch and two switches to turn on and off the UV & IR diodes, so you can run them when you need them and not the whole run through! So far I only have the one 240w unit but I have some lighting on the way! Duane.
ProudCanadianCannabis 4 weeks ago
You should checkout the RUCK AIR MOVEMENT INC. exhaust fans I have switched to! Man I'll tell you I have run all sorts of fans from every manufacturer you can think of over the years! But I have never had fans move air like these fans from RUCK do! The one I am running in my tent now the 6 inch Prime, is rated at 322cfm and my last fan was a Hurricane and was rated at 495cfm! The RUCK 6 inch Prime has three speeds on it and on low it has more output than the Hurricane fans has! On high it damn near imploded my tent!! No word of a lie! I went outside with it on medium just to see the output and as I walked in front of it and it hit my shoulders and head it took my hat clean off my head and blew over the neighbours fence! Ha ha ha... I had to sneak into his yard to get it back and I was a good five feet away from the exhaust as I was walking towards it to check the output! Lol! I have never had a 6 inch exhaust fan have that kind of output, can't imagine what a 6 or 14 inch RUCK can do!
Wabbit 4 weeks ago
plants looking good as always man, and like always passing along some good info, can never go wrong watching your stuff buddy, stay safe and happy growing
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