NEW MERCH + SHOPPING HAUL // SilencedHippie | Silenced Hippie


stonedalone 1 month ago
that new merch is so fire!!!
moongirl1125 1 month ago
Oh i know what you ;)
beautyandtheblunt 1 month ago
adored the lil haul and try on of the outfits :,) also I think it would be really cool if you did a “my favorite songs of all time/ of the month” so glad to see you’re making more videos! ??
dougal 1 month ago
hi that stripy top looks just like a Rugby football shirt. also new merch is fab .peace
wisp 1 month ago
Love the idea for a vintage clothes haul/fits. idk what you call it but i'm down for it. Wish i could be in LA for the weedtube app launch and your meetup with Joya and Mac. I'm not a fan of Gildan but I get that it's the cheap option. I pay $50 for a t-shirt when it's brand names I like, so I'd be willing to pay if you get more of those Bella sweatshirts in more colours because I love the design but not a big mauve guy lol.

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