Never Have I Ever w/ a Gram of Wax


Published on December 05, 2018
A little never have I ever while smoking a gram dab!!! Safely over several dabs I might add!

My rig is from HippieButler make sure you use the code Arend for a discount! Not sponsored but I know ya'll will like it.

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babydeartina 5 months ago
HAHAHAHA that was a informative sesh sis!! love you
sammimcdabberpants 5 months ago
I love the word "jush" ? Also, The Good Doctor is the shit lol
cannacas 5 months ago
This was so fucking funny! Vlogmas has been fantastic so far, I can’t wait to see the rest of it! Also so so happy Dexter is cancer free. ?
stonedin_ne 5 months ago
There was a question on there where you said comment down below if... well, I agree with it. & now I forgot the topic.. ??????
bluntlynicole 5 months ago
I love that we're bringing Jush back and seriously laughed the whole time! love you!

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