Nector Collector oil try outs for the party! (4/20/2020 Instagram)

Nector Collector oil try outs for the party! (4/20/2020 Instagram)



Published on April 16, 2020
Aloha I am Mtn. Mystic.
Share my adventures with my best friend Bad Granny. We talk about planting by the moon, experiments, cooking with cannabis, crystals, farming off grid and whatever else pops up.
Our mission is having a wonderful ride down the rabbit hole to find the perfect flower, plant to
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SKEastCoast 5 months ago
Was that a whole freakin' mason jar full of rosin? I want to try growing one CBD plant. Fun video. I like that nector collector.
BadGranny 5 months ago
I'm PEEING MY PANTS AGAIN!!!! that was too funny!!! and a great high!! I'm so EXCITED for our party sister this is gonna be EPIC!!! CHONG DOOBIE, BLOWER, EATABLES, CONCENTRATES!!! and our GIVEAWAY!!! love your beautiful face !!! I will catch you in the morning for another TRAING ROUND...LMFAO!!!!
Wabbit 5 months ago
wow, that is a massive jar of rosin, hahahahaha you 2 stay safe there and enjoy, happy growing
frogzilla420 4 months ago
l would be flopping on the floor.LOL!! Infazimma sucks.Party on. Thanks for Sharing ✌
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