Published on December 11, 2018
In this video, my pal Anneli & I explore the creekside trail behind my house while smoking a blunt! ENJOY!
Category : Vlog Life


silencedhippie 6 months ago
obsessed with thissss!!! I can't wait to join you ladies :)
kingindica 5 months ago
Now that I think of it I don't really watch many new weedtubers on here but I'm glad I finally have someone new to watch. Love a good nature sesh!
thecurlytoker 6 months ago
love love love love your weedtube content gIIRRRLLL fawk! Also, yes please do a smoke sesh with the pigs holy crap that sounds like the coolest freakin video!
beautyandtheblunt 5 months ago
I can’t wait to see Sasha and you make some content, it’s gonna be sick and oh my the doobie song is a classic ???
mauracat_ 4 months ago
"i'm blowing clouds larger than anticipated" hahaha ily

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