My New Rigs + TheWeedTube Updates (Podcast Style)


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Published on January 21, 2019

Welcome to Watch and Sesh! I'm bringing back this long form show (it's kinda like a podcast TBH) because I really miss talking to you guys all the time and I figured it was the most convenient and fun way to reconnect. In this episode I talk about all the work we've been putting into TheWeedTube lat...

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stonerdogmom 2 months ago
I love this style video! We miss you too!
queenbae420 2 months ago
Omg sis i missed you so much time to sesh with my fav #StayLit
chuwysupinsmoke 2 months ago
First timer on Watch and Sesh ??'d it! Thank you very for the best advice and all the dope info on theweedtube can't wait to Sesh again Sis???You?
sweethoney42013 2 months ago
Holy fucking high hemp <3 Love you sir. This is great to see and a nice catch up on a Sunday <3
kaysh9513 2 months ago
I shop at green solutions but I’ve only been to the one on foco. Infinite wellness is my favorite dispensary in Colorado.

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