My Mental Health & Chronic Pain.


Published on April 22, 2019
hey friends! so in today's video i wanted to talk about why I use cannabis and my journey. we all have our own stories, often the world tries to stick us in a box and try to label us for us or decide who we are but thats why its so important to share our stories, our experiences, our journey'
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plurespect 1 month ago
Your so brave for sharing your story. I hope life starts to bring you the joy, you deserve!
lensden 1 month ago
i just want to say the world is so lucky to have you babe!! <3 You're so amazing and I get not liking having to smoke all the time (i struggle with that sometimes) but its the obvious preference over pills. You're so strong and never stop sharing your story!☺️
oregonexperts 2 weeks ago
Thank you for sharing. Means a lot to know we're not alone <3 You're a badass
tmays 1 month ago
Thank you for sharing your story with cannabis. I am so happy that you are alive because you have a beautiful soul and listening to you speak is so inspiring. I love you!!!
mystic420cannababe 1 month ago

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