My Medical Cannabis Story - TruStory


Published on April 22, 2019
** This got really popular... so, I just wanted to say - I no longer support Trulieve OR Sunshine Cannabis. I medicate with other Florida brands, now...and make review videos on them! ***

My TruStory for Trulieve FL, and my story for my journey with medical Cannabis. I hope sharing my story benefi
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stonedalone 2 months ago
thanks so much for sharing, it's great to be able to hear these stories
hizbd 1 month ago
Thank you so much for your bravery and honesty. I am someone who’s also been given their life back by cannabis and I just want to say a genuine thank you you for speaking up and telling your story. Love your educational content. RSO is the key to a successful day for me and my disorders.
kingindica 3 weeks ago
I love hearing more and more success stories with medical cannabis! This is a wonderful, miraculous plant and I’m glad more people are waking up. More good news: Congress JUST voted to block the feds from enforcing federal prohibition laws in states that have legalized cannabis! We’re one little step closer to the end of prohibition.
sunny-slabs 4 weeks ago
I love you so much!!! I work for trulieve & I love the company so much! I’m so happy Cannabis changed your life
stoneradam 1 month ago
Awesome video

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