my life, my story

my life, my story



Published on May 18, 2020
Category : Comedy


SKEastCoast 2 months ago
It's like that where I live. I live around anti-pot people everywhere. Most people will look at you like you are a hard drug user if they think you smoke weed. My last job of pro landscaping my co-worker was fresh from leaving the police force and his wife was a cop. He quit because too many stupid laws that prevented him from doing his job. Like, if a thief is leaving your house with stolen items. And, he manages to get in his car and leave by the time the cops show up, then the cops are not allowed to pursue and follow as soon as he leaves the property. Stupid right? He would sometimes make comments about how he could smell weed and he pointed out one of my neighbors and said "he sells drugs". And, everyday I would smoke before work and spray myself with Lysol. Now, I'm self employed.
dthebudguy 2 months ago
Thanks for sharing bro I’m gta myself bro
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