My First Dab Rig

My First Dab Rig



Published on December 19, 2019

I tried to get this video up yesterday but I've had this awful head cold which has made it difficult to do things.Please bare with me as I dive into the world of cannabis.If there's a video you'd like to see me do, please comment below! Thank you for watching!

You can find more of my no

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lavagirl-lightsup 3 months ago
A bigger torch would be helpful because it’ll heat the “nail” (or also called a banger) quicker and to the right temperature! Hope that’s helpful:)
matthewwayneng 3 months ago
this was exciting to watch !!! and for first rig Damn girl you did well!!:) nice pieceeeee
Smokeup420 2 months ago
Love the piece check my channel out I’ll show off my piece in a little while
HistoryHigh 3 months ago
I wish I lived in a world where $85 isn't that much, LOL. It's a beautiful rig!
dabbingmama710 3 months ago
girl! im glad your brave enough to do this by yourself. i use a higher heat propane tank with nozzle to heat up my nail/banger. u want to heat it up for 30seconds then wait 30seconds to take a hit. if its too hot (nail) will burn your throat and u can get dab sweats. just start small with dabs they are potent.
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