Moving Sesh With HippieButler!


Published on July 03, 2019

This video is part 2 of the Hippie Butler Unboxing that started on YouTube! I hope you guys enjoy what was my last sesh in the old house. At the time this is posted I'm happily in the new house and loving it. So much gratitude :)

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kmw5501 2 weeks ago
Moving gives you the opportunity to purge the old and create desire for new.
420wheelz 2 weeks ago
wtf happened with arend loves you honeybooboo
m-ruthie 2 weeks ago
Moved last one year ago. Good thing, it’s exciting moving somewhere new. Bad, I HATE packing.
paxzserge 2 weeks ago
I last moved in 2012. good fact: I moved into the house my parents originally owned when I was younger. so yeah my parents bought back the house they sold LMAO. Bad fact: the town we moved to, in 2006, was too bougie and we had to move back to my original house because that's what we could afford. I have a weird life ayy.
sweethoney42013 2 weeks ago
that pipe is so cute! cant wait to see the new space ! hope your ha ds doing better now <3

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