Monster Crop WK 2 / Veg Update / Mars Hydro SP 250

Monster Crop WK 2 / Veg Update / Mars Hydro SP 250



Published on July 09, 2020

Today, I will do an update on my 5x5 veg tent where I have 8 plants, as well, I will show you my flower room and the 2 Monster Cropped plants that are in Week 2 of flower

Thanks for watching I really do appreciate it! Stay tuned for new grow room updates and product reviews. Lot's of content to

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Wabbit 2 months ago
looks full in there, but the extra time will space out stuff the way you want too, take clones before you transition, lol they will be ready by the time your done flowering, lol, and your 2 in the flower room look solid, well trained out nice branches, and starting to fill out, solid my man , stay safe and happy growing
reidtroy958 2 months ago
hell of a forest u got goin there bruh! wat the hell veg 1 more week it mite increase harvest! finally jus got my skeastcoast genetics crunch berries germinating! keep it up love yur info
SKEastCoast 2 months ago
Good video. 5x5 is very full. Nice plant at the end.
ZoltrixGrower 2 months ago
Very nice Jay, really like those 2 monster cropped plants!
BadGranny 2 months ago
wow, brother!!! looking AMAZING great job!! Give the Ohana big love from the big island Canna Ohana!!!
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