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Published on December 12, 2018
Ya girls are back with another vlogmas episode for you beautiful blessed orbs! Things are a little wild over here and we made a new friend, Mike.So we decided to welcome them with a little rap....

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Category : Vlogmas


queenbae420 6 months ago
Thank you sis Arend for the recommendation. Girl you two are hilarious and so positive love it that you guys are just being you #DankAssChristmas
lolshelbywise 6 months ago
When all you wanted was some CBD but ended up with a straight dab ??? *blows smoke into the tree* I love Halloween
findyourpeace34 6 months ago
CBD: alright I’m going to feel good Hash Rosin: Accidentally feeling AMAZING ain’t even mad ??
rosegoldafro 6 months ago
I love you guys energy!! The twerk in the beginning though ??
themagicalhippie420 6 months ago
That twerking is giving Mac a run for her money!

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