MICRODOC: Sexism in Cannabis

MICRODOC: Sexism in Cannabis



Published on August 07, 2019

We're taking a closer look at sexism in the cannabis. After frequenting social and political events in the Los Angeles area, trends on how women are depicted in the space have become clearer. So we wanted to pose a question to the community at large: Is the objectification of women in marketing

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Nomadicviews 4 months ago
I 100000000000% agree. I feel like POC and women in the Cannabis industry are totally ignored. We NEED to make sure poc and women are heard in the industry. let's not forget, we been doing this.
classystoner88 4 months ago
Refreshing to see people discussing real issues and trying to create a better name for the cannabis community in general. Sure beats just watching people do bong rips, 1 gram dabs, and acting like exactly what everyone already things cannabis consumers are. This is an herb. It is medicine. Some of us care about the industry and want to see it succeed and grow. We'd like to see federal legalization. Regular men and women, moms and dads.... with ms, anxiety, dementia, bipolar, dystonia, and hosts of other disorders need for cannabis to be accessible. they are counting on lobbyists, influencers, law makers, and industry leaders to create a good reputation for this community. Leave sex out of it, think before posting things that absolutely make us all look like drug addicts, and remember not everybody lives in a legal state... some states are watching these YouTube clowns saying "see, this is what we don't want here". Thank you for speaking up about topics that matter.
stonedalone 4 months ago
I love this real content, this definitely is a huge thing all around LA
bigtittydude 4 months ago
i loveeddd this video!! thank you so much for putting this out there! i 100% agree, i feel like the cannabis industry not only objectifies women but i also think we haven’t come far in making sure we are being diverse and including everyone from all walks of life. I look forward to seeing more POC and LGBTQ representation and more representation of women of all kinds!! I feel like people just want to put forward an image that’s going to get them the most sales, views etc but i look forward to seeing more companies work with and represent people regardless of their sexuality, gender, race etc. Make inclusivity be the new norm!! ❤️
earthytiana 4 months ago
Thank you for speaking up for us ❤️
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