Michigan Meetup Vlog


Published on March 08, 2019
Even though it was cold as naked balls in Detroit, the visit was AMAZING and so was the meet-up!Again, HUGE THANKS to https://afternoondelite.com for bringing us out! We hope to come back soon!!
Category : WeedTube


thecrazy-marcus 2 months ago
I loved the video and I loved living the event it was awesome I hope you have another michigan event in the future
babydeartina 2 months ago
I really enjoyed watching the Vlog style video
eric8542005 2 months ago
I want to give Mac a hug.
burningmom 2 months ago
Fun video! Keep on rolling, you two!
lpdean620 2 months ago
YEEESSS I love watching vlogs and would LOVE to see more ?????

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