Marijuana Diaries (Episode 10)

Marijuana Diaries (Episode 10)



Published on March 26, 2020
the daily look at my Perpetual grow Ray from seedling to 8 weeks and a lot of OG.
Category : Growing/Gardening


ZoltrixGrower 1 week ago
crazy man, looking great! My harvest (granted it was my first) took about 3.5 hrs to harvest and maybe 5 hours of trimming lol. Crazy frost too for a few weeks. I hear ya on the sponsors too, would love some myself. Careful though, I thought I was getting a sweet setup and sponsorship, turned out they were just giving me a discount on a few things only. Makes me wonder how many of these guys with light sponsors actually had to buy the lights. I keep a very similar record of my grow, I'll show it sometime. Happy growing man, stay healthy!
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