Making Purple Dab's!!! How to make rosin from trim!!!

Making Purple Dab's!!! How to make rosin from trim!!!



Published on April 30, 2020

When we harvest our organic cannabis we trim away the leafs from the bud flower. After trimming the leaf trim containing tricombs can still be very valuable to the grower. Here is on example of how we can use our leaf trim to make rosin for dabbing. We will show you how to press your leaf trim step

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JamesTheCaveman 3 months ago
Great video!
BadGranny 3 months ago
Great Video brother, looks soooo beautiful my friend!! sending you and your ohana big love from your big island ohana!
GramJam 3 months ago
Nice work! Love watching these videos. That rosin colour is EPIC brother. I can only imagine how it smells, but it must be amazing :). Your not very nice though, bringing everyone to near climax @4:04min, we could hear your excitement too! But then, just when we were salivating like Pavlov's doggie, you put that gorgeous purple plant blood into a jar, and said goodbye! Holy proverbial Cannabis Blueballs Batman! We need the money shot! How does it smoke? Smells? Flavours? lol. Inquiring Minds Need To Know!!! haha Thanks for putting out such positive vibes and sharing your love for this plant :) Cheers!
HeartStrongGarden 2 months ago
♡♡ wow. so cool
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