making  Feminized seeds. (MarsHydro Cup

making Feminized seeds. (MarsHydro Cup


TripleB 2 weeks ago
Awesome video!
ProudCanadianCannabis 2 weeks ago
Good morning Mr.FOXX! HOW THE FUCK ARE YA!? Lol! Your garden is looking awesome as it always does and thank you for posting my channels banner pic in the seed project tent! Going to be fun getting you some feminized seeds my friend! Hopefully we will have it all worked out here in our first attempt together! Doing anything with cannabis for the first time can be frustrating! I am sorry the first attempt you made didn't go as planned! But as I said I think we will get it nailed working together on it! Looking forward to the new strain we will be creating! Have we decided on what we are going to name it yet? I thought "The Hazed Krush" would be nice! But I also know you were thinking about maybe doing a name this strain contest and the winner would get some of the feminized seeds we are creating!? But we should wait till we have some seeds actually growing before we do that anyways! Lucas I was wondering if you had some Bluedream seeds? I would love to try growing it if you do!?
AardVark 2 weeks ago
woohoo marshydro rocks
ZoltrixGrower 1 week ago
Looking good man. Thought I saw this and commented already, sorry for the lateness.
bluhousegrow 2 weeks ago
ladies lookin great happy growing
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