Making Art from the greatest things on earth

Making Art from the greatest things on earth



Published on September 11, 2019

Using a Snapple drink bottle I devise a device to apply fluid paint to the canvas creating and unique design to the music of Australia's Blues Band of the Year....Lazy Eye

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matthewwayneng 4 months ago
enjoyed the video! check my channel out if u can!:) doing sub for sub
Yamos 4 months ago
HOLY SHIT that was fucking bad ASS!!! My brain melted when you're doing the corners with the organ solo. How long did that take to dry? Hey man, where is the link so I can get a print? Dude! Seriously. I'm a musician, so I can't afford the original, but a surely you've got a print available. I'm high AF and I gotta watch that shit shit again. Great concept. Cool ass video. Maybe slow down a little so I can watch the colors melt into the other colors and loose my ego. Dude, you're gonna need hi-def slo-mo, this shit is perfect stoner eye candy.
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