Making a StarWars Themed Dab Rig with Friday Glass

Making a StarWars Themed Dab Rig with Friday Glass



Published on July 19, 2019

In this episode of The Daily Sesh we head out to North Phoenix and hang out with Friday Glass. He was one of my favorite people to interview so far. Extremely entertaining, down to earth, and has a great skill! He made one of his Poggles which is based off of a StarWars Character.

So grab a seat, p

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stonedalone 3 weeks ago
This was an amazing interview, I love all the b-roll and you asked some really good questions
mamat27 2 weeks ago
This was way cool! You're a good interviewer! Cant wait to see more from you! Check out my channel!
Sensi-Hank 1 week ago
Hello Sub for Sub? Your video entertains me very much :) I would be glad if you find the way on my profile and you look around there :) maybe you like something :) I will upload in the future at least 1 video per week and always increase my quality I hope you like that first even if it is not good :)
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