Mailtime on Mushrooms Ep.4


Published on May 05, 2019

If you would like to send something of your own in for the next mail time, heres the P.o. box!

P.o. Box 56571 Portland OR 97238

If There was a theme for this epic mailtime and it would be Glass and Giggles. We were so gone it took us almost two ho
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smoketrooper 2 months ago
try to put them in a grinder, spoon the powder in your mouth, wash down with water
highfromholland 2 months ago
love your videos and mail time is one of my favourite series! Love you guys and all you do. cheers highfromholland. This video had me laughing so hard. peace, love and tranquility.
dougal 2 months ago
Gusglass and Fenix fire art .fuckin awesome pipe . peace
dankdiaries420 2 months ago
Watched this whole thing trimming and dying laughing. Great Video! Heroin and Smells lol
jillyripz 1 month ago
Why don’t you guys mix them in tea?

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