Mail Time on Mushrooms Ep.1


Published on February 11, 2019

If you would like to send something of your own in for the next mail time, heres the P.o. box!

P.o. Box 56571 Portland OR 97238

ITS HEREEEEEE!!!!! The very first episode ever of mail time on mushrooms. Im so excited to really get into this series.
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Category : WeedTube


sjohnson124 3 months ago
put it in a PB+J next time, then you don't taste it
moongirl1125 3 months ago
''Merry Christmas you filthy animal'' that's Home Alone lol ;)
lizzj420 3 months ago
Love ththe video!!??
burningmom 3 months ago
Fun! You two are too funny. Love MTWM :D
queenofdabs 3 months ago
lol the black rick picture on the wall gets me every time

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