Mac VS 20 Tacos and 500mg


Published on March 25, 2019
CHECK OUT KUSHY PUNCH!!! buds! Thank you for watching this video here on TheWeedTube!!! This video is something i've never done before but it was still fun! Im STILL full from those tacos. I hope you enjoy! MACDIZZLE, MACDIZZLE420, MAC, KOALA PUFFS,
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mermaidpuffss 3 months ago
this had me dying of laughter omg
indicawife 3 months ago
Omg I'm about to go get Taco Bell now because we don't have Del Taco here!
mommabelle 3 months ago
You GOTTA LOVE her! - I am guessing that Edibles make one go to sleep. GOOD TO KNOW because I have never had one. I sure am CURIOUS though! The Del Taco's look amazing... I am living a Ketogenic Lifestyle and cannot have one - damn it. Let me tell ya'll, MAC made them look so delicious I am drooling! It's a good thing there are no Del Taco's in the oppressed southern state of Tennessee, because I would be VERY TEMPTED right now! Another STELLAR Video by MACDIZZLE and a surprise of KOALA PUFFS and the PUP at the end. Thumbs UP!
andrew129 3 months ago
Lol i like how u kept like every 'CRUNCH' of each taco. Geeeeee whiiiiiiiizzzzzzzz
babysmoker 1 month ago
G wizz! I can't believe you ate 13 fucking tacossss XD

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