Locked Up Smoke Sesh and Essential ReUp

Locked Up Smoke Sesh and Essential ReUp



Published on March 28, 2020
Went out to pick up some essentials. Check out what I got. Lets have a smoke sesh and get chatty. Talking about Covid-19 how life is here in L.A. under quarantine and I just talk away because im high lol. Hope everyone is doing and stay healthy. thank you stay lit. dont forget to subscribe for more
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peppinoweed 4 months ago
Guys I ask you for help I am in quarantine in Italy suffering from multiple sclerosis and my state of shit does not want to give me my medicines please a good soul from our sister America who sends to my house
StoberSinceOctober 4 months ago
Dude don’t smoke those CRC diamonds ..u should really look how that is made man?? Really not good when we’re going through a lung disorder pandemic
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