LEMON CURD - Mandy Cannabis


Published on January 26, 2019
HEY GUYS!!! Welcome back to another BAKED baking show. I’m Mandy Cannabis and today we’re not really baking... but that's OK becuase we're making LEMON CURD! This recipe is so easy and delicious! I don't care how baked you are, you need to go make this right NOW! :)

Have you thought of a name fo
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Category : Cooking w/ Cannabis


ron330 3 months ago
I would call it Jade (like the green jewel)... I will never make any of these things you cook/bake, but I do enjoy the videos, keep it up...
auntieautty 3 months ago
Jade could be a cute name for your bong ?
south420 3 months ago
I'd call it emerald, since it's the jewel of your collection so far :)
mandimarch 3 months ago
Fuck I love you already ????
banddkid 3 months ago
I would love to name your bong but I suck with names, I still enjoy watching your videos ?

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