Lab Tour, Dabs, Future Video Plans: "Channel Intro" ? ;)


Published on July 04, 2019

This is essentialy my get to know me video!

Aside from this, I also press some rosin at my house and I actually have a video of that uploading today as well!

Please Subscribe and explore the rest of the channel...

My job comes 1st, but I'd really prefer to not have to post on here and on YouT

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Jeraimee 2 weeks ago
25lbs is my guess. Btw, created an account just to sub and
zues3976 2 weeks ago
25 lbs is my first guess too. it's about time see the lab again... thanks..I'm going to review the video some I could use a 250 ml round bottom flask
CH4E 2 weeks ago
22Lb bag ?
kryptic 2 weeks ago
I work in a Rattlesnake rich area, so I dont need to look up neurotoxin lol
kryptic 2 weeks ago
Anyone looking for Digga. RufldFthers

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