Koala vs. 9 Bongs


Published on March 06, 2018
I am beyond excited to be able to make longer videos!!!
Let me know what you would like to see on this page.

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chroniccrafter 1 year ago
I LOVE the googly eyes on your Lifted Bong ????one of my fave things to do is stick googly eyes on random shit
stonedalone 1 year ago
Loved this!! It's cool seeing your longer form stuff
blazeone 1 year ago
Awesome! So happy to see you making videos ????
loadedup 1 year ago
Glad you made this video! Stay Loaded Up!
hernanbud710 1 year ago
love it! been waiting for you to join theweedtube! cant wait for more videos :) Everyone go follow my weed feed on insta @hernanbud710

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