Published on November 12, 2018
Did you guys know that up until today I didn't know how to roll a joint? O.o
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brandycane710 6 months ago
awwwww omg Mac being so sweet and supportive and such a good teacher is the purest thing!!! And Anjela, you did so great!!! Love you both so much! Thank you for all that you do! <3<3<3
nicki-j-420 6 months ago
I can't roll with nails to save my life. I've tried countless time. Mac you are a God. ???????
bluntlynicole 6 months ago
Yay!!! Looks great!!! I learned how to roll by watching Macs videos haha. You guys are the best I love you
annacannabis 6 months ago
I feel you koala, I just really learned how to roll a joint and im slowly getting better at it! but mac seems to be a good teacher and youre doing a great job! youll be rolling fattys before you know it!
wisp 6 months ago
Koala did really well for first time rolling. I was piss-poor at rolling when i first tried. I didn't get good at rolling joints until after i learned how to roll blunts. The steps are fairly similar but blunts are easier to begin with in my opinion. great video, i hope this helps somebody else roll. Mac is quite a good teacher at it.

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