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Published on June 04, 2019

HEY-O! With all the cool new subscribes I have gained in the last few weeks, I wanted to do a chill video letting you get to know me. Actually, I had a way better, way more fun, probably 100 times more entertaining video idea for you to watch BUTit failed so I got lazy and filmed this shit show inst

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Category : Comedy


marenismedicated 1 month ago
Girl u can singggggg and u are funny af
heathrat 1 month ago
omg you sing so well!!
toasted-princess 1 month ago
i want to be your friend!!! , you are so fucking funny
Highasalways 1 month ago
girl dollar tree playdoh
mloflo 1 month ago
Way to stay positive! Some good tunes mixed in there, but oh how I long for the days before rap was conceived.

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