Join(t) us in the Woods (Pt.1)


Published on June 16, 2019

Joint us in the woods! see what we did there?Nothing like waking up to the sound of crickets chirping.Come along and join us, as we enjoy a small get away to the Poconos! If you havent ever smoked in the woods before, we totally recommend it. For ones mental health and inner peace, everyone should t

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Category : Vlog Life


provisional-stoner 1 month ago
“Rays of sunshine” hahahahaha!!!
puffpuffgyal 1 month ago
Looks like a good time ima have to do something like this in the future. Great vlog guys!!
hi-milly 1 month ago
I love Lit Sam. I had to watch that part over again because it made me laugh so much the first time haha. Looking forward to part 2!

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