It's Defoliation Day!!!!

It's Defoliation Day!!!!



Published on February 22, 2020

Defoliation Day, and there's alot to do. I have neglected my plants in the past month due to the fact that I was building my grow room for them to go into. Watch as I try and make this very boring day a little bit more fun. The Timelapse shots in this video are done at 100X actual speed so you c

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frogzilla420 7 months ago
that's a lot of work.LOL LOOKING GREAT MAN .Thanks for sharing✌
Mtn.Mystic 7 months ago
My chickens love my trim. Great looking plants ;-)
ZoltrixGrower 7 months ago
Nice work man, they look great!
FrizzyMarz 6 months ago
Lol the thumbnail on this video is classic
Jaykalibudsuk 7 months ago
Hi Jay I just wanted to say thanks for the video you have done a great job on the room mine is very similar to yours. Your lights are amazing pal. Wish I had the pennies to get a good decent set up. My spider farm sf1000 are not all that. I used to use hps and the electric was really high. So leds was the next. Been a grower for 10 years and using only hps I didn't have the faith in the leds to give me what I really needed big buds
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