Is your cannabis contaminated?


Published on October 04, 2018
For my first SppOooOoooOookYY video of October, I thought, what could be scarier than tainted cannabis? If you'd like to learn more about what scary things that can be left behind on weed and weed products through improper processing please keep on watching! Please keep watching and suscribe if you a
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Category : Education


ArendRichard 7 months ago
I LOVED THIS VIDEO! Recommending for the front page :) More people need to see it!
kingindica 7 months ago
Very informative! Good to see more people raising awareness for pesticides in cannabis. People, both recreational and medical users alike, deserve to consume clean cannabis products.
the-kush-couch 6 months ago
Great subject to tackle! We as influencers need to educate people more on this kind of stuff. Great job and great video!
smokeweapononlineheadshop 7 months ago
great info. LIKE :))
chadsteel 6 months ago
Lots of people smoke moldy weed out there. I started using this machine my stuff is amazing now

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