Is it Bad To Find Seeds in My Cannabis?

Is it Bad To Find Seeds in My Cannabis?



Published on May 11, 2020

Cannabis with no seeds - or sinsemilla has gotten the reputation of being better, high-quality buds with more intense effects than weed with seeds.

The idea is that the female plant has to spend extra energy producing seeds - and thus cannot put that energy into production of better cannabinoids

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provisional-stoner 6 months ago
Interesting! Yes I always find seeds lmao
RiceCrispie 6 months ago
Bravo! That's how I feel. A few seeds don't bother me. The reason I have not grown seeds from dispensary cannabis is because I don't know who is a male and who is a female, and I don't want to expend time and resources on five plants, only to find out that two or three or four are boys.
hawaiianbuffalo 6 months ago
If there are seeds, it’s not sensi. But, you can always just plant the seeds you find!
NomadicNative 6 months ago
I’m a commercial grower who has to have my product tested, 10 panel, before I can sell it. Those numbers don’t lie and yes there is a difference, and it’s notable. Seeds in my crop can cost me 10’s of 1000’s of dollars simply due to lower quality as indicated by real testing not subjective opinion.
dopedev420 6 months ago
Learned something new today! Great upload.
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