Category : Comedy
Published on February 11, 2019

Ok so real talk this video is like insane. I had a lot of fun making it and editing it though! It really does trip me out tho lol.

If you want another one leave a comment :) Trying to get this video to 1000 likes!
Shouts out to Smojo for gifting me the VR headset!

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luvlotz420 2 months ago
This video is giving me ANXIETY MAN! but like how are your videos NOT? getting to 1000 likes????????
greengay 2 months ago
Bought a VR headset myself this year, and I also always get the feeling someone is in the room when I'm high :D . Love the video. Arend your '3 month' aka 2 weeks break really did your content good ;)
bluntlynicole 2 months ago
these videos make me sweaty and i was practically suctioned to my seat haha. I fucking want to keep watching more though? I love you, if you make more than we can face our fears together
chey2244 2 months ago
I would never be able to do that especially high. I'm proud of you lol it's like concurring your fears. ? It would be awesome yo see you do more with the VR, maybe playing some games that are compatible. Much love ?? Cheyanne
bbw420 2 months ago
That kind of view makes my asshole pucker! The seat looks like my butt got hungry! It's funny more videos like this.

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