I Went To A Sex Party!? || Storytime

I Went To A Sex Party!? || Storytime



Published on July 09, 2019

So I was at this trade show in NYC, on behalf of TheWeedTube, and I was invited to this very interesting sounding party. All we were told about the party was that it was a sex party and that we needed to wear all black. This is the story time of what happened inside that party. :)

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monoro 6 months ago
You know life’s good , when you find yourself at a sex party
bluntlynicole 6 months ago
holy shit! what an cool experience. kinda like an Alice and wonderland feel as you kept following the rooms. thank you for sharing this!!
gigi-ebbesmier 6 months ago
this story is literally so hilarious i’m dying lol
spacequeen 6 months ago
I’ve worked at a bathhouse the past 4 years and I’m glad there are more people being sex positive. Too much shaming going on in this world, people just need to live life! Your experience and this place sound interesting and fun! Glad you got to enjoy it!
toasted_marshmellow1 6 months ago
tmi: I'm very into bdsm and that honestly sounds like a great time. I wish I could've experienced that.
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