I Took an L Today


Published on January 31, 2019
Sometimes in life not everything goes according to plan. Sometimes you even have to take an L. Or LOSE big time. The important thing to remember is that life will always have ups and downs and it's how you react to those ups and downs that really matters. Much love you guys and I hope you enjoy the v
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Category : LGBTQ Community


stonedalone 3 months ago
Damn that room is looking so good!
babydeartina 3 months ago
you found your rainbow lighter!!!
hifri420 3 months ago
I remember the shouting names thing lol also, I think you're right, karma is kinda everything
stonnyaussie 3 months ago
Smoke gay weed, Can you do a merch line with that because I would buy 50
greengay 3 months ago
One of the best videos you made in a long time. So honest yet inspirational :)

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