I NEED REAL TRUTH: astronomy

I NEED REAL TRUTH: astronomy



Published on October 09, 2019
believe half of what you see and none of what you hear...

if anyone disagrees tell me the timestamp and we can go from there. we were all taught the same , and I paid attention. I just have follow up questions no one can provide
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aaronbewza 7 months ago
I agree with you 100%. I'll take it a small step further and accuse people in the field of mainstream "science" of fraud. They think the universe exploded out of nothing, and that made everything. They say the earth was a rock, that water came from this rock and made clouds which rained and rained until the oceans were there. They say life came from "non-life" in that water and we crawled out and here we are! So.... they mean to tell me they came from a rock which came from nothing. Yes I agree with you 100%
ghost3011 7 months ago
they just make it up bro. if it sounds good roll with it.
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