I’m high and I want to move after living here 3 months

I’m high and I want to move after living here 3 months



Published on October 20, 2019
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cmntImg 3 weeks ago
love it
Mr.Weedy 3 weeks ago
You say ramble I say sharing your life experiences and how those experiences affected you. Which is amazing sense a lot of people decide to never open up. Thanks for sharing once again :)
sofiajaneen 3 weeks ago
I love your videos
budbart 3 weeks ago
Ramble on, my friend! Know EXACTLY what you're going through. People in the South are (generally) much nicer, warmer, friendlier than people in the Northeast (like Washington, DC north and east to about Ohio. So you may well feel better and safer down there. Wish you had the funds to go explore that area and pick up the "vibe" first, but that's almost impossible. Having any friends/extended family can be a huge help. Best news is that you can still hang out with your friends here online. BTW, your camera video and sound is great. I'm sure you speak softly to avoid waking up any roommates (who lock you out -- ahem). I think you're ready for the move. You will do better once you have the diploma. All the best, my friend. Looking forward to hearing more of what you say. It ALWAYS resonates to some degree. Peace on.
Lolsdarian 3 weeks ago
It "Can" all work out in the end. Everything can be "Better" now though based on those move or not move choices or how you choose to follow God or not in life for sure. Trust me my friend you can indeed choose wrong enough or simply not choose enough here in life and fail.
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