I'm exposing The Weedtube & it's CEO??

I'm exposing The Weedtube & it's CEO??



Published on November 05, 2019


Some shocking allegations have been spreading about Theweedtube & it’s CEO. I rolled up my sleeves & hunted down everyone I could to get to speak to me on the inside of this story, including the ceo himself. Join the discussion, hear the

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macdizzle420 4 months ago
I deliberately do not share my last name to protect my family. It would be nice if you respected my privacy
dopedev420 4 months ago
I'm just going to continue doing what I love which is create content, keeping it Positive, and stay in my lane
roorfan420mike 4 months ago
I don’t see any evidence of anything here, expect people signing non disclosure agreements which is standard in tech fields. Somebody’s friend over heard something, is it not possible they have an agenda? Half the people you talked to didn’t respond or only responded once. Why is that? Arend responded r but somehow that’s being manipulative? Congrats enjoy the views. I won’t be back.
Infusedwithcannabis 4 months ago
Out of sheer curiosity I clicked on this video. I don’t really have much to say but having a brand new video creation service that is going up against large companies like YouTube, Vimeo etc... an NDA would be crucial to keeping the information about your service and or future ideas under an umbrella. There’s been times in my life I wish I had someone sign an NDA before having a conversation, yes a conversation, so I don’t see an issue in why you’d want to have an NDA to keep anyone that might not stick around for the future spreading your ideas or even using them to cultivate they’re own service. That’s all. I’m not bashing anyone for beliefs, or what anyone else has mentioned in the comments, I’m just saying the NDA was obviously put into play for other reasons. Also, KoalaPuffs, why would the top creator on this site delete all of her content months ago? Her response to that question was “it’s personal” which I 100% respect but just let that sink in.
420reck 4 months ago
this is my own opinion. i will probably be the only one to say this.. but.. your spreading rumors and making things difficult for TWT you know that right? its a new platform theres going to be problems.. i stand with Arend... he's doing more than he's expected to by trying to make this the best place possible for cannabis patients and content creators. im not giving up on this platform.. your experience is what you make it. also just the video title alone feels negative.. exposing them for what? i just dont understand why your doing this or what your trying to get at when all of this has been discussed on Arend's channel. smh
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